3 Sep 2023

Help save the environment

It’s time to act. You’ve been waiting for the chance to make a positive change in the World and now you actually can in a hassle-free way that makes financial sense.

Solar Panel technology has been around for ages but these days it’s never been more affordable to install solar panels. Homes can benefit from the installation of solar panels as these will provide cheap and clean energy to cover for the demand of your energy consumption. Consider that even when you’re not home, appliances such as fridges, standby devices and others will maintain their consumption throughout the day. Solar panels can cover for all that consumption whilst there is natural sunlight and significantly reduce your energy bill every month with added benefits for the environment.

Singapore has particularly good conditions for the capture of solar energy. Nevertheless, consult specialists that will be able to profile your energy capture ability as well as your energy demands and profile. You can have the chance to consume green energy at home starting now.

Solar power in Singapore makes more sense than ever to improve the overall air quality and make our future more sustainable by reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. In fact, Singapore’s privileged location can achieve an overall solar exposure that will grant high levels of performance regarding solar panel energy capture.

It’s true that challenges do exist, such as a limited amount of free surface for panel installation and high buildings that will have limited solar panel cover. Don’t let that demotivate you, as an expert in Singapore solar power can help you figure out what’s possible at your Home.

Consider that your Home can save plenty of energy every year by installing solar panels. It is not only an investment but one that represents the right step in a better place for you and others to live.

With solar power contributing less than 1% to Singapore’s energy needs at the moment, it is now more than ever paramount that you consider investing in this clean and effective energy source. Consider any limitations such as shady spots under tall buildings or the average cloud cover that may have a negative impact on your energy production. An expert in Singapore can help you install the type and amount of panels that suit your location and needs.

Considering Singapore has no valid hydro resources, low wind speeds and mean tidal range and geothermal energy is not viable from an economic perspective, solar energy remains at the moment as the most viable option to ensure a transition to more efficient and clean energy sources.

With that in mind, it’s never been more important to start considering adopting yourself the change that is needed in the Territory