9 Sep 2023

Why you should install solar panels at your home

Opting for a lasting and proper change in your lifestyle is to most people a difficult thing to achieve.

That said, on a broader perspective, it’s imperative that you start to think about adopting a different approach to the way you think of energy, use it and above all, get the supply that powers your home.

If for one you can and should opt for energy-saving behaviors – such as switching off unused lights, standby devices and even your wi-fi network when you go to bed – you can and should opt for a more modern way of thinking.

Singapore has seen an increase in solar panel installations. They have become more accessible, with better performance and can power many appliances in your home.

Just as we suggested in the beginning, it will be very likely that you will change your lifestyle around this change – a great change by the way, that allows for a green and sustainable source of energy. Don’t be surprised to find yourself washing your clothes or getting the dishwasher going at peak sunlight hours. The feeling of powering your own home with an idea that you embraced is nothing short of a gratifying one.

With several options to install solar panels at home, you can consider that Singapore has got enough reasons to adopt this welcome behavior and ensure that as many inhabitants as possible go off grid or, worse case scenario, reduce the dependency of polluting energy sources.

Even if you don’t want to opt for an off grid solution for your home as battery technology is still limited and expensive – which in return will make the turnaround of your investment slow or even impossible – you can and still should opt for a regular installation. Regular solar panels – those without a battery system attached – can still provide enough flow of energy during daylight to power a great deal of your home appliances and, thus, reduce your overall energy cost at the same time it reduces the carbon offset at your location.

Since Singapore has limited options when it comes to clean energy sources – reduced wind capture ability and no hydroelectric sources, its only viable option is to adopt more solar power productive ability. By opting to install solar panels at your home, you will not only be adopting a conscious and environmentally friendly attitude towards the way you power your home, you are also contributing to your own Country and your Citizens well-being.

Solar panels have never been so affordable and installation costs have never been so low, inviting you to easily adopt an attitude that benefits you at the same time it benefits the environment and the World.

As we’ve covered, whether you want a complex system to become completely independent or partially independent, solar panels have gone from being a debatable technology to an extremely viable one.