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We provide full O&M services for residential and commercial customers. We recommend yearly maintenance for performance optimisation as solar panels may accumulate dirt, dust, leaves, or other substances that can reduce their efficiency.

For residential customers

Normal troubleshooting outside of warranty period will be charged on a per trip basis for inspection and transportation only. Change of parts will be charged separately.

The following items are included in our maintenance


Visual inspections of all components, including panels, inverters, cables, and mounting systems, to check for any physical damage or wear and tear.


Cleaning the panels to remove any dirt, dust, or bird droppings that can affect the efficiency of the system.


Checking and tightening all connections and fasteners to ensure a secure mechanical connection.


Testing the performance of the system using equipment such as a multimeter, to verify that it is functioning correctly and producing the expected output.

Updating software

(if available)

Updating the software on any monitoring equipment or inverters to ensure they are running the latest version and are compatible with the system.

Repairs and replacements

(additional charges):

Fixing any components that are not functioning correctly (unlikely to happen).